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Such a cute experiment! Keep up the good work!

I love this so much?? I can play this for hours, very satisfying. The plant growth really gives it a nice feeling of live performance, and helps me experiment.

Nice Job!!! Keep making games, love the concept!

Dude, mobile port? please?(and maybe a quick export thing?)

I wish I could play this anywhere! it's great!

definitely going to do this soon, hopefully with a lot more sounds and other music toys!

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wow i like it how this game it will be amazing it can be awsome and playable gameplay thank you developer for creating your awsome gameplay

This was fun. Was a nice Nostalgia Trip back to playing with Flash Music mixers in Highschool. Really dig the Sci-Fi Twist. Just need to add some more plants and other Sci-Fi components to allow for more tones and sounds and I think you could run with this. Maybe even make the beats you mix sharable and people could creating something and link it to Facebook.

This was featured in the first episode of my Ludum Dare 38 showcase. So some of the footage is from a couple other games as well. As a heads up to other viewers.


Every time I click the planet to rotate it, it places a plant, which makes it kind of hard to deliberately make stuff. Very cool though!


Hi! You can click and drag the background to rotate the camera, or use the mouse scrollwheel. Clicking again also removes plants.