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a vid of mine

is this game good?

Bright, cheery, and artistic. These are three words that describe this gaming experience. Other words that apply to this game are: Weird, surreal, creepy, random, soupy, and...chill. My point being that this is a pretty fun game that lets you throw an assortment of junk together and call it art. Just like real artists! Good job, game maker person.

On a side note, being able to remove pieces would be nice.

Our first goal with Super Sculptor was to actually create a really cool piece of art; however, once we figured out all the different items, Quazky got a little out of hand with the silliness that could be created. Really enjoyable game and definitely a fun one to play casually to see what can be created! Here's a video of our... masterpiece, yes, we'll call it that!

I loved this game! I finally was able to make my artistic vision come to life! 


This is the most fun I have had in ages! Love it!! Even though all my art turns out super CREEPY. Enjoy my video, And let the art flow! :)


Where is saving screanshot?

This game is awesome! Definitely a fun, original idea :)

DanTDM just played your game.

amazing game :D

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A very interesting and adorable game!

I'm a huge fan of creative games, so I had to give this one a shot. Here's a review!

This game was amazing!

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This game is awesome, loved to mess with the physic!